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2013 Secondary 2 Performance Task

All students taking Chinese, Malay and Tamil as their Mother Tongue Languages (MTL) will need to complete a Performance Task by Term 3 Week 3. This Performance Task will take up 20% of the students’ MTL grades for the year.  Students will form groups of 3-4 to complete the task.


Topic: Environmental Issues
The Performance Task consist of the following:
1      To create a 5 - 6 minutes video recording on the environmental issue.
2      To write a report on their research topic and findings. (700 Words)
3      An oral presentation on the Performance Task in Term 3 Week 3

Enduring Understanding
Language is a tool for transmission of thoughts, emotions and values. Language is also a vehicle for imagination and creativity.

The objectives of the Performance Task are as follows:
i] To assess students’ ability in comprehending a given theme and expressing their ideas in their MTL;
ii] To provide a platform for students to integrate their learning and skills;
iii] To encourage students to showcase their creativity and collaborate with their peers.

Milestone Check
Students are given a specific timeline to complete the Performance Task.  They are to adhere to the timeline strictly and submit their coursework and final product (CD/DVD-Rom) on time. Marks will be deducted for late submission.
T1 W9

      Form groups of 3 to 4 members and decide on roles
      Submission of the topic for teacher approval

- Name List and Grouping to be submitted on Friday of T1 W9.
- Consultation with subject teacher
T1 W10

      Gather information about the topic
      Interview the relevant people and use the transcript to draft out the script video.
      Writing of the report (Background of the topic, objective etc)

- Consultation with subject teacher
- Script of the video to be submitted to the subject teacher for vetting.
March Holidays
T 2 W1
      Submission of the Written Report       (Draft 1)

- Consultation with subject teacher
-Submission of the written report on Monday of T2 W1.
March Holidays
                   T 2 W2

      Filming and Editing of the video

- Consultation with subject teacher

T2 W2

      Submission of written report & Video.

- Submission Date: Friday  of T2 W2
T3 W3
      Oral Presentation

Students will carry out the Performance Task based on a set of rubrics. The rubrics clearly state the requirements, as well as the marking criteria, to assist students in their planning and execution of the task.


Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
(10- 16)
Level 4
Content, Organisation and Analysis

Content is very comprehensive, well organised and meets the theme.
Content is comprehensive, well organised and mostly relevant to the theme.
Content is relatively comprehensive, organised and somewhat meets the theme.
Content is insufficient, disorganised and barely meets the theme.

Adequate research done with relevant information analysed
Some research with relevant information identified
Some information gathered from research

Little evidence of information gathered

Shows insightful thinking through well-informed analysis and synthesis of ideas.
Shows good engagement in reflective thinking through analysis and synthesis of ideas.
Shows emerging stage of reflective thinking with some degree of analysis and synthesis of ideas.
Shows little or no engagement in reflective thinking.


Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Content, Organisation and Analysis

Language is very fluent and expression is very clear.
Language is rather fluent and expression is rather clear.
Language is somewhat fluent and expression is quite clear.
Language is not fluent and expression is unclear.

Interview questions are very well crafted and posed very clearly and politely.
Interview questions are well crafted and posed appropriately.
Interview questions are adequately crafted but some are not posed appropriately.
Interview questions are not well crafted and not posed appropriately.

Answers to questions are relevant, well thought out and elaborated on.
Answers to questions are relevant with some elaboration.
Answers are relevant without elaboration
Answers are limited.

A wide variety of applications were used for the production.
Some applications were used for the production.
A few applications were used for the production.
No applications were used for the production.


Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
(10- 16)
Level 4
Subject Knowledge

Depth of content reflects knowledge and   understanding of topic. Main points adequately substantiated with timely, relevant and sufficient support. Provided accurate explanation of key concepts.
Support for the main point is evident with elaboration and citing of relevant examples where needed. Key concepts are explained in general. Support is relevant and timely.
Provides some support for main points, but needed to elaborate further with explanations, examples, descriptions, etc. Support is relevant, but not timely.
Provides irrelevant or no support. Explanations of concepts are inaccurate or incomplete. Audience gain little knowledge from presentation.

Delivery and Engagement with Audience
The choices of language and use of examples work   together to heighten the audience’s interest and connection to the topic; the vocabulary is descriptive and accurate, engaging the audience through imagery.
The choices of language and explanations are appropriate for the topic; the vocabulary  provides clarity and avoids confusion.
The vocabulary used are relevant to the topic though not accurate which might cause some misrepresentation to the audience.
The vocabulary is awkward or inappropriate for the topic, making the speaker difficult to understand.

Eye contact, interaction with aids, and physical gestures demonstrate the speaker’s energy and interest, guiding the audience through the presentation.
Eye contact, interaction with aids, and physical gestures are natural and fluid to reinforce and enhance verbal messages.
Attempts to maintain eye contact with audience. Some gestures can be observed as speaker interacts with audience.
Eye contact with the audience is lacking. Gestures are missing or awkward. The speaker depends heavily on the written speech or notes.

The final report and oral presentation should be written and presented in MTL.

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